Orling Interiors

Orling Interiors offers an array of applications and a full-range of commercial and residential installations, from floors, ceilings and walls to sinks and countertops. Each custom finish is hand-troweled, using the highest quality plaster and cement, offering a more durable and sustainable alternative to many traditional materials. Providing an unrivaled client experience, Orling Interiors is highly-versed in working with designers and architects to realize a specific vision and in collaborating with clients throughout the creative process, offering color matching and other specialized services. Prompt and professional, Orling Interiors is passionate about creating finishes that succeed in function as well as in form.


Eli Orling, Founder

With a formal education in Fine Art and over ten years of hands-on industry experience, Eli brings a modern, innovative perspective to the age-old artisan craft of hand-troweled plaster and cement. Remaining at the forefront of interior style and design trends, Eli is driven by a passion to match his cultivated work and unique creative vision with the highest quality client experience.

Eli is a member of the Asheville Home Builders Association, the North Carolina Home Builders Association and the National Association of Home Builders.

For information on our specialized services, please contact us at hello@orlinginteriors.com